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ITLN's specialization is mainly IT automation - both through better education of users operating specific software and by creating add-ons to software or dedicated tools that improve work. Thanks to our experience we are able to offer consulting services, training, as well as software development.

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Microsoft Office suite

Excel Word PowerPoint Access Project

Programming languages and databases



Multimedia SharePoint PerformancePoint WebSense

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Work automation
 - accelerate and facilitate users, IT administrators and managers' job - dashboards, converters, systems integration and other. More >
 - we create desktop and web applications in .NET and PHP technologies, as well as create and maintain MS SQL Server and MySQL databases. More >
 - we help solving unusual software problems and advise on technical issues. More >
 - we realize training and workshops, internal and external, in both training and leisure centers. More >
Audit and monitoring
 - we conduct security and licence audits, monitor usage of hardware and network, and test external software. More >


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